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Clamp Meters Contact us for more details
  Models   Details
  323   Fluke 323 Clamp Meter Φ30 AC400A 4000Count
  324   Fluke 324 Clamp Meter Φ30 AC400A 4000Count w/Temp
  325   Fluke 325 Clamp Meter Φ30 AC/DC400A 4000Count w/Temp
  345   Fluke 345 Φ60 Digital Power Quality Clamp Meter
  353   Fluke 353 Clamp Meter Φ58 AC/DC2000A TRMS with backlight
  355   Fluke 355 Clamp Meter Φ58 AC/DC2000A TRMS with backlight
  360   Fluke 360 AC3mA/1μA & 60A/0.1A Fluke Current Leakage Clamp Meter
  365   Fluke 365 TRMS Detachable Jaw Clamp Meter Φ18 AC/DC200A with torch
  373   Fluke 373 TRMS Clamp Meter Φ32 AC600A 6000Count
  374   Fluke 374 TRMS Clamp Meter Φ34 AC/DC600A 6K Ohm
  375   Fluke 375 TRMS Clamp Meter Φ34 AC/DC600A 60K Ohm
  376   Fluke 376 TRMS Clamp Meter Φ34 AC/DC1000A w/iFlex
  381   Fluke 381 Remote Display TRMS Clamp Meter Φ34 AC/DC1000A w/iFlex
  80I-110S   Fluke 80i-110s AC/DC Current Probe AC/DC50mA~100A Φ11.8 BNC
  902   Fluke 902 TRMS HVAC Clamp Meter Φ30 AC600A DC200�gA AC/DC600V
  90I-610S   Fluke 90i-610s Current Probe AC/DC600A Φ34 BNC
  1630   Fluke 1630 Earth Ground Clamp Meter
  I1000S   Fluke i1000s Current Clamp AC10/100/1000A Φ54 BNC
  I1010   Fluke i1010 Current Clamp AC/DC1000A Φ30
  I200   Fluke i200 Current Clamp AC200A Φ20
  I2000 FLEX   Fluke i2000 flex Current Clamp AC2000A Φ178
  I200S   Fluke i200s Current Clamp AC200A Φ20 BNC
  I30   Fluke i30 Current Clamp AC20A/DC30A Φ19mm
  I3000S Flex24   Fluke i3000s Flex-24 Current Clamp
  I3000 FLEX-4PK   Fluke i3000s Flex-24 Current Clamp (4-packs)
  I3000s Flex-36   Fluke i3000s Flex-36 Current Clamp
  I3000S   Fluke i3000s Current Clamp AC3000A Φ64 BNC
  I30S   Fluke i30s Current Clamp AC20A/DC30A Φ19 BNC
  I310S   Fluke i310s Current Clamp AC30/300A DC45/450A Φ19 BNC
  I400   Fluke i400 Current Clamp AC400A Φ32
  I400S   Fluke i400s Current Clamp AC40/400A Φ32 BNC
  I410   Fluke i410 Current Clamp AC/DC400A Φ32
  I6000S FLEX-24   Fluke i6000s Flex-24 AC60/600/6000A Current Clamp Φ610 BNC
  I6000S FLEX-36   Fluke i6000s Flex-36 AC60/600/6000A Current Clamp Φ915 BNC
  I800   Fluke i800 Current Clamp AC800A Φ54
  T5-600 USA   Fluke T5- 600 AC100A Voltage, Continuity and Current Tester (OpenJaw™)
  T5-1000 USA   Fluke T5-1000 AC100A AC100A Voltage, Continuity and Current Tester (OpenJaw™)
  LH41A   Fluke Amprobe LH41A AC/DC Clamp-on Ammeter
Vibration Tester & Meter Fluke
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